3 Variables That Can Change Your Bottom Line

As an entrepreneur or business executive, you have the power to change the profits of your business by analyzing the variables and metrics critical to your success. It is important to stay focused and always continue to improve your strategic business plan.

Finances, customers, and people are the three most important variables to consider when planning for the future of your business. These are areas of your business that may require change, depending on your strategic goals.

Let’s take a look at these variables in greater detail.


Many businesses, up to 30% according to recent statistics, fail because they do not manage their finances or their business metrics responsibly. Knowing how much money you have, and how much money it will to take to achieve and sustain profitability is an essential element to your success. Reviewing your finances regularly to identify deficiencies could present you the opportunities to implement change and head off problems before they cause trouble for your business.


Identifying your ideal customers is an essential part of everything from marketing to your sales. In order to identify your ideal customers you need to know what benefits your product provides and what needs it fills. Once you know that, you can determine who needs these voids filled, which would lend insight to your potential customers characteristics. Determining ancillary information like your ideal customers career field, spending habits and behavior is also helpful when evaluating your approach. If you’re pitching to the wrong audience, or to the right audience in a way that doesn’t resonate with them, your sales will reflect that.


Many business owners would rank people as the top priority for their business. Knowing the key roles in your company that need to be filled in order to succeed is essential. Once you’ve identified the skills and abilities these people will need you have to tackle how to find, hire, train, and retain these people. All the right steps need to be in place, or else you will be spinning your wheels and hindering your company’s growth.

There are plenty of variable that can impact your bottom line, but in terms of your company’s success or failure, there are none more important than Finances, Customer, and People. Spend some time paying attention to these three aspects of your business, and prepare for growth.


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